Case 9: CRC Screening Interval

Your patient is very happy to note the alternative tests but is wondering how frequently she will need CRC screening.

Which of these are valid options?
FIT Test every 2 years
Think again. FIT testing is recommended to be repeated annually by both the ACG and USPSTF. 
mtDNA testing every 5 years
Think again. The repeat interval is unknown, however the ACG suggests repeat testing every 3 years and the USPSTF recommends an interval of 1-3 years.
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy every 3 years
Think again. The ACG recommends repeat testing every 5-10 years and the USPSTF recommends repeat testing every 5 years.
Colonoscopy every 10 years
Correct! Both the ACG and USPSTF recommend colonoscopy screening every 10 years (exceptions for more frequent intervals include abnormal results). It is also important to note that a positive result on each of the alternate screening modalities requires follow up with a colonoscopy.

She thanks you for all the information and assures you that she will complete screening as well as encourage all her friends and family to do the same!

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