Case 2: Diagnostic Testing

Here are the initial lab results:

How does this data change your differential diagnosis?

Choose the leading diagnosis on your differential?
Alcoholic Hepatitis
Transaminases are bit high for alcoholic hepatitis (rarely over 400), though the ratio of AST:ALT is consistent. Try again!
Acute Viral Hepatitis
Less likely due to negative serologies for acute infection. Try again!
Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Excellent choice! High on the differential due to acetaminophen overdose given elevated acetaminophen level and reported history of trying to hurt herself.
Autoimmune Hepatitis
Less likely given lack of +autoimmune serologies or elevated serum IgG. Try again!
Infectious Gastroenteritis
This is possible given severe nausea and vomiting but is less likely to have systemic symptoms. Try again!
Wilson Disease
Ceruloplasmin is normal and not low, which argues against Wilson’s. Try again!

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