Pick Your Case!

This website provides the opportunity for case-based learning for various gastroenterology and hepatology scenarios with teaching prompts. These are fictitious cases designed for educational purposes.

Case 1 (Bloody diarrhea) Published 1/2021
Case 2 (Acute liver injury) Published 1/2021
Case 3 (Hematemesis) Published 2/2021
Case 4 (Fatty liver) Published 2/2021
Case 5 (Acute lower abdominal pain) Published 3/2021
Case 6 (RUQ abdominal pain + Jaundice) Published 4/2021
Case 7 (Acute epigastric abdominal pain) Published 4/2021
Case 8 (Difficulty swallowing) Published 5/2021
Case 9 (Colorectal cancer screening) Published 5/2021
Case 10 (Diarrhea + abdominal pain) Published 11/2021

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